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묵직하고 큰 시계를 좋아한다면 추천! 상남자들의 툴워치, 닉슨(Nixon) 탄젠트-아마존시계

#닉슨시계 #가성비시계추천 #닉슨탄젠트 #툴워치추천

오늘은 오랜만에 알리익스프레스 시계가 아닌 미국산 시계를 하나 소개합니다. 닉슨(Nixon)의 탄젠트란 시계로 공식 홈페이지에서는 소개가 안되고 있고 출시된 시기가 2013년쯤으로 보이는데 지금은 아마존이나 이베이를 통해 구입이 가능한 시계입니다. 올블랙 모델은 가격은 11만원 정도에 판매하고 있는데 가격 대비 툴워치로 쓸만한 시계라고 생각합니다. 영상에서 확인해 보시죠.

조상연 : 오늘도 선 따봉 후 감상하겠습니다.
김탁현 : 작으면 따봉 ^^
치약맛뿌링클 치킨 : 서퍼가 사용 가능한거면 바다에서도 사용 가능 한건가요??
우리 지샥은 거의 안그런데..
홍성백 : 야근하고 이제 시청하네요 ㅎ
새벽세시 : 지샥을 좋아하다보니 터프해보이는 소재가 너무 맘에 드네요^-^

Authentic VS Fake Nixon 51-30 All Gold.

Hope this has helped people make a better choice while buying online.
Jay N : Actually a pretty well made fake. I like many of nixons watches but it makes you wonder about how quality they are
Ian Melling : It's only a Nixon. Who cares, it's not like a high end watch. It's just a cheap lifestyle brand.
readpage449 : I wouldn’t pay $50 for the real one. Big ugly pile of manure.
Porky Pizza : It bothered me so much that you would not flip the fake rightside up when comparing the two side by side. haha. my ocd!
Peter Currer : Interesting, but tiny differences that only show up by a direct comparison, plus I expect that the fake comes out of a nearby if not the same factory. Squeaks and millimetres variations may serve to find some differentiation, but will hardly affect the utility of the watch for the wearer. I don't condone fakes, but if the fake was sold at a big discount then it could be a good buy, but paying top dollar you would feel cheated that is for sure. Thanks for the video, but you never said if the functionality was compromised, timekeeping, etc.

Legit Tool Watch! | Nixon Regulus 100m Dual Chronograph Quartz A1180-632-00 Unbox & Review

#MAVERICKWATCHREVIEWS#BESTWATCHREVIEWS Guys the Regulus is a LEGIT tool watch from Nixon which is primarily a fashion watch company This is a great option for someone going into the military and/or an athlete. I was pleasantly surprised with how good it is. Tough, good looking and relatively inexpensive. Not a G-Shock but a great option!

Here it is on Amazon for $150:

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Camera: Samsung Galaxy S8
Editing Software: Power Director 17
Picture Editor: Adobe Photoshop
Music: Epidemic Sound

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David Rael : Can u turn off the screen?
98802ohhey : How easy is it to set the time in seconds? I need to change it twice daily
Paul Poon : Date and Month should be interchanged !!
charlie : I love this watch
Zenn22 : wrong framerate




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